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Can I play Wonderbox' multiplayer with my underage kids?

Our primary concern is to provide a safe experience for all players, especially children. In order to prevent underage users from accessing unmoderated content, we have blocked their access to online play, even for children whose parents have enabled multiplayer permission on their accounts. We are working on a safe way for underage players to play online.

What are the requirements for the game?

An Apple device with iOS 13.5 or TV OS 13.4.8 (or more recent)

Testflight app installed

A strong wish to create, discover and share endless adventures

How do I unlock new pieces for my character?

To unlock new character pieces, you have to unlock new levels by playing adventures and gaining experience points.

How do I unlock new magic blocks for my Homebox?

To unlock more magic blocks for your creations, you’ll need to finish campaigns and adventures. This will earn experience points and, as you earn levels, new magic blocks will be unlocked.

How do I share my adventure with my friends?

When you finish creating your adventures, you first need to play it and check if it can be completed. After that you’ll have to choose a name, a category and associate 3 tags with it. When you finish this process, your friends can find your adventure by searching for your Game Center ID or by the adventure name.

Can I mix items from different sets?

Yes, you can use any mix of magic blocs in your creations. In Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker your imagination sets the limit.

Can I use the creator mode on Apple TV?

The Creator mode is not currently available on Apple TV devices. You can build adventures in other devices and use the same Apple ID to access them on Apple TV.

What’s the difference between Campaigns and Adventures?

Campaigns are hand-crafted narrative stories that were built by AQUIRIS to guide players through the Wonderbox world. Adventures are more self-contained and don’t necessarily connect to each other by a narrative

Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker offers adventures created both by our development team and by our players. You can craft your own adventures and share them with your friends, with a chance to feature in our special hand-picked thematic selections.

Do you support game controllers?

Yes, you can play the endless adventures of Wonderbox with any controller compatible with iOS 13.5 (or more recent). For the Creator Mode, we recommend using your finger or accessories such as the Apple Pen.

Can I resume an adventure?

Yes, if you have to leave an adventure, you can later come back at the same point you have stopped. We also offer the option to begin it again from the start.

Why can’t I publish my adventure?

Before you publish your adventure, you’ll have to play and finish it to ensure other players won’t be stuck. If you’ve already done this and the problem persists, please contact our support team.

Wonderbox is making my device too hot/using too much battery

On Wonderbox’s Settings, you’ll find Performance options that let you set the way you want to play the game. By choosing the “Battery Saving” option, the game will run at locked 30 fps without losing details or graphic quality. By choosing this option, your device should run cooler and you’ll be able to save up to 50% of your battery consumption, especially on older devices.

Account and Purchase

Where is the game available?

The game is available exclusively on Apple Arcade.

Do I lose access to the game if my Apple Arcade subscription expires?

Yes, you need an active Apple Arcade subscription to play Wonderbox.

Do I lose my save and achievements if my subscription expires?

No, you’ll get your save data and progress back if you renew your Apple Arcade subscription.

Do I have to pay to access new content and updates?

No, every Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker update will be available for free as long as you keep your Apple Arcade subscription. The same applies to every other game available on the Apple Arcade service.